Artist statement

In a world marked by great challenges and global shifts, Signe Johannessen puts forward questions about life and technology, power and morality. Existential questions are narrowed down to everyday life occurrences. Considering her own life history, Johannessen connects tangible everyday dilemmas and science fiction-like worlds. The work oscillates between far and close-ranging perspectives. Factual and fictional evolutionary breakthroughs are mentioned to tell us something about where we are headed. The discussion about what life is and the responsibility of what it means to be human is carried out by looking at nature, animals, machines and history.

Signe Johannessen was educated at in Oslo National College of the Arts and the Royal Academy of Art in Stockholm. Besides the artist’s foundation in sculpture, her work is also presented as drawings and videos. The creative process occurs through workshops and travel, and often in conversation with invited experts. She is one of the initiators of Art Lab Gnesta, which is an institution partially shaped by artists’ interests.